Clinical Trials Xpress brought together academic and industry experts for a 2-day symposium to discuss trends, critical challenges, and innovative technical solutions and platforms for patient recruitment and enrollment planning in multicenter Network clinical trials.

Thursday March 30 - Day 2

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Continental Breakfast

Welcome: Day 1 Highlights and Day 2 Introduction
Paula Shireman, MD, UT Health San Antonio

Recruitment Innovation Centers (RICs) 

Laura Yearsley, MSc,  Vanderbilt University

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Q&A with TRCC Panel - How Texas CTSAs Impact the National Landscape  

UT-Health Intelligence Platform (UT-HIP)

​Zain Kazmi, MBA, UT System & Robert Murphy, MD, School of Biomedical Informatics, UT Health Houston

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UTH Biomedical Informatics Group and Big TxT

​Heath Goodrum, UT Health Houston

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TriNetX Collaborative Networks

Mark Hogendobler, TriNetX, Inc.

An Introduction Patient Recruitment Strategies at UTSW

Robert Toto, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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Count Me In - Video

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UT Southwestern Volunteer Research Participant Registry

Kate Wilkinson, MS, UT Southwestern Medical Center

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ADAPTABLE, the PCORI Aspirin Study: Reflecting on a Year of Pragmatism and Engagement
Lena Swander, MPH, Greater Plains Collaborative CDRN, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Iowa

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Recruiting Mexican Americans for Longitudinal, Clinical and Population Health Research in South Texas:
Sixteen Years’ Experience with More Than 8,000 Subjects

Joseph McCormick, MD &  Susan Fisher-Hoch, MD, UT School of Public Health, Brownsville

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Conference Participants

Closing Comments and Action Items

​Paula Shireman, MD, UT Health San Antonio

Wednesday March 29 -  Day 1

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Welcome and Conference Introduction
Paula Shireman, MD, UT Health San Antonio

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Clinical Trials Xpress - An Introduction to the CTX Network Model 
Patty Winger, CCRS Consultants, Inc.

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Panel Discussion: Partnering with CTSA Clinical Research Centers to Support your Clinical Trials Program​

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Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention: Successes and Challenges within the  Hispanic Community in the Rio Grande Valley 
Lisa Treviño, PhD, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance

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Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) Community Engagement Studios 
Tiffany Israel, MSSW, Vanderbilt University

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Insights on Effective Communication Among Patients & Advocacy Groups
Ellyn Getz, The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Trial Participation

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Velos Patient Recruitment
John McIlwain, MBA, Velos, Inc.

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Conference Attendees 

Patient Recruitment - Challenges, Opportunities and Pre-Planning for Success

Moderator: Amber Froehlich, MS, CCRP

Lisa Treviño, PhD; Tiffany Israel, MSSW, Ellyn Getz, Lena Swander, MPH; Sreedevi Sekharan and Bridgette Hencey (Novartis)

Day One Closing Remarks and Action Items

Dr. Paula Shireman, UT Health San Antonio

Networking Reception

Clinical Trials Xpress

Patient Recruitment and Technology Symposium​

March 29-30th, 2017  ·  UT Houston Cooley Center  ·  Houston, TX

Agenda & Presentations