• Common Budget and Coverage Analysis
  • Pre-Approved Master Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Informatics-Driven Feasibility 
  • IRB Reciprocity Models and Use of Central IRBs
  • Cloud-based Electronic Document Exchange Portal
  • eRegulatory Study Binders
  • Performance Metrics to Track and Report Operational Progress
  • Therapeutically-aligned, Physician-led Portfolio Planning Groups

One Contract, One Budget, One IRB, One Point of Entry​

CTX was designed to lower the hurdles for physicians and industry partners and limit administrative redundancies associated with study start-up. The CTX model focuses on opening clinical trials in 100 days under one contract, one IRB submission and one common study budget, facilitated by the dedicated and experienced CTX team. By leveraging UT resources, shared informatics tools and operational best practices, CTX rapidly identifies sites and physician investigators to fast-track the implementation of multi-site clinical trials. 

Network Resources 

​Contact the Central Coordinating Office to learn more about how to engage our services for multicenter studies, establish strategic relationships, or to discuss how CTX might support your grant proposal for multi-institutional research​.